Gifts, Fashion, Decor

  • Unique gifts, crafts and local art
  • Home décor and accessories (inside and out)
  • Fashion apparel and accessories (including bags, belts, knitted and handmade items)
  • Equestrian and pet gifts and apparel
  • Specialty retailers with winter/holiday “boutique” style home decorations, fashions and gifts

Food and Beverage

  • Craft breweries, wines & ciders (including wine agents)
  • Select restaurants from across the region
  • Select caterers from across the region
  • Specialty food suppliers e.g. edible creations, holiday fare (cakes, cookies, chocolates, specialty coffees, etc.)


  • Designers & décor experts (Vignettes & Themed Christmas Trees)
  • Fashion, sports and pet apparel (Fashion Shows Daily)
  • Florists & nurseries (Vignettes)

Early Bird Bonuses

  • No Charge tables and chairs while supplies last. Book early as inventory is limited
  • “Sooner is better in show business”
  • Early contracted exhibitors will receive advantages from social and digital media campaigns with content!
  • Guest tickets provided to exhibitors for Saturday and Sunday show days

Booth Sizes

10’ x 10’  – $925.00 + HST
8’ x 10’  – $750.00 + HST
5′ x 10’  – $475.00 + HST

  • Larger booth space available upon request
  • All locations are prime – floor plan available upon request
  • FREE WiFi
  • Electrical $125.00 + HST per contracted exhibitor space
  • Booth carpet quote available upon request
  • All exhibitors must carry general liability insurance